Searching for a message

To search for a word in the email messages within an archive:

  1. From the menubar, choose Email Archive.

  2. In the text box near the top of the screen, type the word you want to search for, and then click Search.

    Note: The Email Archive search is not case sensitive. Also, you can search only for a single word. Do not use quotation marks around your search term unless you are searching for a term in quotation marks.

  3. A list of search results will appear. Click the linked subject line to view a message. Once you are viewing a message, click Return to List to return to your search results. Click View Headers while viewing a message to see the full headers; click Hide Headers to hide them (the button toggles between these two options).

  4. On the search results screen, click Clear Search or the reset button 
    Return to top page of this tool
      to return to the default Email Archive display (the list of all email messages in the archive), or you may search the archive again.