Sending and receiving email using Email Archive

The Email Archive gives your site its own email address that participants can use for communicating with each other. When you first access the site, if you don't see the Email Archive tool on the menubar, you will need to add it. See Adding Email Archive to your site.

Sending email messages

You can send email to your site's participants from your email account, just as you would to any other email address. All email messages will be stored in the Email Archive and visible to all participants. To view your site's email address, in the menubar, click Email Archive. For more, see Sending and receiving mail using Email Archive.

Note: You cannot use Email Archive to send mail to particular individuals. Mail sent to your site's email address is received by all site participants. To send messages to individual participants or a group, use the Messages tool; see Sending, forwarding, and replying to messages.

Receiving email messages

Email Archive messages are sent to the email address listed under "Account" in My Workspace. You do not need to log into the application to read your mail. However, if you do not wish to receive mail from the site, or if you'd rather receive mail in a daily digest format, you can change your notification preferences from My Workspace. For instructions, see Changing notification preferences.