Viewing Forums

To see the list of forums for your site, click Forums in your site's menubar.

Note: The Forums tool is pre-populated with a default forum and topic.

Each forum appears in an enclosed box with its title and short description displayed (if created). If a full description of the forum exists, click View Full Description to view it.

Beneath the forum title, topics are listed by title and include a short description (if created). The following details also appear:

Clicking the title of any forum will open an isolated view of a particular forum and its topics.

Clicking the title of any topic will display a thread of messages for that particular topic. Use the arrows to the left of the messages to expand the threads as needed.

To expand all threads and messages, click Display Entire Message. To mark all of the messages as read, click Mark All As Read. To open a printable version of the messages, click the printer icon at the top.

Clicking the title of the thread will open an isolated view of a particular thread and its individual messages. Each individual thread appears in an enclosed box with a count of total messages and unread messages below. Use the View drop-down list to change the display of messages.

Those with appropriate permissions (e.g., instructors) may see the content of all posts by a particular participant using the statistics function; see Participation statistics.

To open an individual message, click its subject.

In moderated forums, to see messages awaiting your approval, click Pending Messages; see Moderating messages in a forum.