Using the Post'Em tool

Note: To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles. For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles: Overview.

You can use Post'Em to create multiple gradebooks, upload an Excel spreadsheet of grades, or simply post comments.

Note: Post'Em is hidden by default. To add Post'Em to your site, follow the directions in Adding, removing, reordering, renaming, or hiding tools.

Creating a file to post

For Post'Em to import files:

Once you have created your file, you can modify it as you wish, as long as you stay within the guidelines above.

Posting a file

To post a file:

  1. In the menubar of the relevant worksite, click Post'Em.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the field next to "Title", enter a title for your file (maximum length is 30 characters).

  4. In the field next to "Choose a file", click Browse... , and navigate to your .csv file.

  5. If you wish to release the feedback to participants (i.e., allow your students to see the grades), check Release feedback to participants? .

  6. To save your file, click Post; to cancel, click Cancel.

  7. On the "Verify Upload" page, you will see a sample of how the file will appear. To continue and post the file, click Save. To return to the upload screen, click Back.

To upload additional files, repeat the instructions above.