Participation statistics

Using Forums, you can view statistics for individual course participants, including the number of authored, read, and unread posts. You can also see the full text of all posts by a particular participant.

To view statistics for course participants:

  1. In your site's menubar, click Forums, and then click Statistics. You'll see the participant list followed by columns labeled "Authored", "Read", "Unread", and "Percent Read".

  2. Click a participant's name to see the following individual statistics:

    • Messages Authored: Lists the titles of the topics of posts authored by the participant, the date and time they were created, and the subject
    • Messages Read: Lists the titles of the topics of posts read, the date and time they were read, and the subject

  3. To review the content of all of a particular participant's posts at once, from the list of messages authored, click Show Full Text for All.

    You can also see an individual posting in context by clicking [display in thread].

  4. Click Forums to return to the Forums page.